8 Best Places to Get a Money Orders (Near Me) with Fees and Locations


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A money order is a convenient, safe and legitimate way to make payments, especially if you don’t have a checking account in place. However, even if you do have one, you may prefer to use a money order for different reasons whenever you don’t want to make a particular payment using cash or a personal check.

Nevertheless, there are charges that are incurred while using a money order. The applicable fee depends on the amount of the money order and where you buy it. There are a few companies that produce money orders such as Money Gram and Western Union.

But, you do not necessarily have to worry about where to buy a money order as both of these companies have allowed numerous stores across the U.S to sell money orders.

So, where can one purchase a money order?


CVS pharmacy has over 9000 stores spread out across the U.S. It stores only offer money orders from MoneyGram. Their money order is usually $500 and a fee of 99 cents.


Walmart is a popular store in the U.S with over 4000 outlets that offer money orders from MoneyGram. Their charges are slightly lower and their limit quite higher. You can buy a money order worth $1000 in a Walmart store at a charge of 70 cents.

It is possible to also cash a money order at Walmart, however, it has to be from one of their stores. You will be charged $3 to $6 dollars for this service depending on the total amount of the money order.


Publix is a chain of grocery stores that have a significant presence in a number of states in the US. There are over 1000 Publix stores and most of them are found in Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee.

These are just a few known states you can check whether they have a store where you currently reside.   Publix deals with Western Union money orders and charges 85 cents per order. You can stalk in one of their stores and check out their money order limit.

7 Eleven

7 Eleven is a well-established chain of stores which boasts over 8000 stores in the United States. They sell either MoneyGram or Western Union money orders depending on the location of the store.

Usually, they will charge between 1-3 % per money order or 65 cents. These charges vary in different locations, and the maximum limit of their money order is $500.


Meijer is a supermarket with over 220 stores in the U.S. If you live in Indiana, Illinois or Michigan you have probably come across one of their stores. In case you haven’t, you can check if there one near you.

The fee of obtaining a money order from a Meijer store is 65 cents, with a maximum limit of $500 each.  Meijer only sells Western Union money orders.


Kroger has over 2500 stores which operate in different brand names such as Fred Meyer stores, Dillons and Frys. Kroger and its subsidiary
stores sell Western Union money order at 70 cents each. The charges may vary by location or the subsidiary at which you decide to buy your money order. Their limit for money orders is usually $500 or $ 1000 depending on the store.

Local Banks If you are an account holder at a bank near you, it can be quite convenient to buy your money order there. Even if you don’t have an account with the bank closest to you, it is still possible to purchase one from them or cash one so long as they offer this service.  The charges might be slightly higher, though.


Kmart may seem like it is diminishing but they still command a huge number of stores in the United States. They have over 600 stores across the country, which sells money orders from western union. Their money order has a maximum limit of $500.

You will be charged at 69 cents per order. Note that not all Kmart stores have money order services, so check with the one near you.

Unites States Postal Service

Which other place is better known for money orders than the United States Post Office (USPS).  Considering that there over 30000 of these offices there is probably one near you. They have their own brand of money order so you will not find MoneyGram or Western Union.

Their fees are $1.20 for a money order worth $500 and below with those over this amount going for $1.65. The maximum available at your post office is $1000.  If you prefer to use a money order to make certain payments, you can be sure that if you work or reside near any of the stores or places listed above, you will easily get one.



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