26 Genius Ways to Make Extra Money at Home (Earn an Extra $500/Month)


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Sometimes you just need to earn extra money to take you through certain circumstances. Whether its end month and want to pay bills or something came up unexpectedly, and you need money. Perhaps you want extra money to spend on the weekend, or you need to pay off some debts. It is essential to learn how to make cash when you seriously need it.

Below are 26 ways to make extra money from home:

1. Apply for payday loans

Today, you can easily apply for payday loans online. These are loans that are given by a financial institution, and you are required to pay the loans once you receive your salary.

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2. Drive for Lyft or Uber

Driving people around can help you make money faster and easily. All you need is to register for the taxi app companies. To qualify, you will need a driving record, a good car, and a driving license.

3. Paid online surveys

Online surveys involve answering questions about yourself or products that you have used. There are numerous survey sites that you will find online. After signing up, you will start receiving cash through online payments.

4. Apply for personal loans

Personal loans have become popular. To get a personal loan, you will need to have a good credit rating. Make sure that you look for financial institutions with the best interest rates.

5. Deliver foods to people

You can start preparing foods and delivering to offices and industries. You can use a bike or your car for deliveries. You can also sign up for apps that allow one to deliver food upon requests.

6. Share your home

You can share your home with a friend or a relative and divide the rent and other expenses amongst yourselves. It will help you save money and have more cash to use for other expenses.

7. Rent your home on Airbnb

If you are traveling and you will not be in your home for some days, you can rent on Airbnb. You can rent out your home for thousands until you are back. With Airbnb, you do not need to worry as it carries insurance policy to compensate you for damages.

8. Negotiate your bills

Today, there are many service providers out there. If your service provider is expensive, you can contact them to lower the bills or move to another service provider. I use a service called Trim they negotiate with your debtors to lower your bills and save you money

9. Dog walking and pet sitting

During your free time, you can offer to walk dogs around your neighborhood at a fee. Pet sitting is another lucrative idea for making money for pet owners who are busy with their pets.

10. Become a personal grocery shopper

You can start delivering groceries to other people’s homes. You can sign up with some of the popular grocery delivery service apps and get an opportunity to make money.

11. Open a savings account

Do not let your money stay in the bank without earning any interest. You can find a high-yield savings account and save your money there. After a while, your money will increase.

12.  Lend out money

A good way to lend out money is through peer to peer lending. Once you lend out your money, you will earn interest when borrowers repay.

13.  Earn cash back for your shopping

When shopping, make sure that you keep the receipts for all purchases. Today, various cash back apps will reward you for shopping for some items. All you need is to take pictures of the receipts and send them to get money.

14.  Participate in food testing

You can make money by becoming a food tester. For food testing, you will need to join the programs whereby you select several restaurants and fast foods. When you arrive there, you can begin testing food and get paid after you have tested all the food.

15.  Advertise with your car

If you have a car, you can use it for advertising products. In this, you will need to wrap your car with adverts. The method is ideal for those who travel for long distances.

16.  Credit card sign up bonuses

Today, most credit cards will offer a bonus once you sign up with them. You can have several credit cards and earn bonuses with each card. Other cred cards will offer bonuses once you spend a certain amount in the first months.

17.  Play video games on your phones

You can earn cash with your phone by playing video games. Most of the video games will allow you to convert points to cash or gift cards.

18.  Sell clothes that you don’t wear

If you have nice clothes that you do not wear, you can sell them. The best way to sell is online. You should take good photos of those clothes and sell them in major online stores.

19. Freelancing

If you are good in web designing, writing articles and creating resumes, you can make money. You can find freelance gigs online. The good thing with freelancing is that you can work during your free time and get paid.

20.  Do tasks for neighbors and friends

If your neighbors and friends want tasks done but they do not have the time, you can offer to help at a fee. Some of the tasks that you can do include lawn mowing, cleaning the house, gardening, and organizing their homes.

21.  Invest in real estate

You can invest in real estate without spending a lot. You can purchase old homes, renovate them and sell them at a high cost and make profits.

22.  Tutoring

If you have excellent knowledge on certain subjects, you can start tutoring.

23.  Babysitting

Babysitting is one of the highest paid jobs. If you love kids, you can start babysitting during your free time and make cash.

24.  Blogging

Blogging is an easy way to make money online. You will need to create quality content and be consistent. With time, you will earn from ads made on your blogs. Check out my guide on starting a blog here.

25.  Get a high paying job

If your current job is not playing well, you will need to find better-paying jobs. Make sure to improve your skills and get training to land such jobs.

26.  Rent out your car

If you own a car and you are not using it, you can rent out for a few days and earn cash. Some apps allow one to advertise for their cars and rent out easily.

If you seriously need to earn money, make sure you find any of the above methods that works for you. The above tips are easy, and you can combine two or more ways.


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