Free Clothes : 4 Legit Ways to Get Free Clothing Online

When it comes to clothing, it is one thing that we must spend our cash on to look decent and presentable. Whether it’s a designer clothing or not, you need something to cover your body. While spending on clothes can be expensive, it is good to note that you can get free classic garments online.

Whether you’re looking for something regular from Walmart, or in need of latest fashions or famous brands, you can get something for free. When I talk about free, I mean it for men, women, kids, or adults. You can get your whole family something to wear during the holidays for free without asking them to produce a penny. Maybe you’re wondering, how do I get free clothes online? Check out on this list of the options you have and see what can work for your family.

1. Earn Points and Use them to get free clothes

In the market, there are several manufacturers, processors, wholesalers, and retailers with programs that offer points that you can turn into cash. Once you convert these points, you can use the money to purchase your favorite piece of clothing. Some programs will use gift cards in different stores. Among the different ways that you can use to earn free points include;


Ibotta service needs you to download their app. Use the app and search for your favorite store. The app will display all the cashback offers available within the store. Before you go to the store, make sure to check whether there are any updates on possible cash backs. The app does also offer you bonuses on fruit purchases, or X cashback offers on particular items. And the good thing with Ibotta is that you stand a chance to earn cash backs even when you’re not buying their brands.

After making the purchases, use the Ibotta app to scan the receipts. The app automatically gives you the corresponding offer match for the items bought. Once you have enough cash backs in your Ibotta account, transfer the cash to pay pal for withdrawal or use it to purchase clothes.

Ibotta Bonuses: If you sign up with Ibotta you get a bonus and also when you someone signs up through your link. It makes it easier to earn free cash with Ibotta.


The other best option that you should consider is Swagbucks. So far, over $250 million benefits its members. Every day, the site gives over 7 000 gift cards in stores such as Walmart, Target, Sephora, eBay, and Amazon. They have several means to help you earn free cash. You can earn through shopping, playing games, watching videos, completing surveys, or searching the net. You can also earn by referring a friend. Use the points earned to get a PayPal or Visa gift card, or cash it in purchasing the clothes of your desire.


If you need your shopping valued, Rakuten is the thing you need. They give up to 40% cashback in over 2000 stores. The way to earn is to shop through their portal at any store that you love. Among the significant stores, including Amazon, Target, Walmart, Rite Aid, CVS Groupon, Snapfish,, and staples Shutterfly.

The cashback earned stays at your Rakuen account. They later send you checks or deposits the amount into your PayPal account. You can also use the Rakuten extension, which means that you’ll not need to visit their site to earn. When you visit a website, they send you a popup which you can click on and start earning points. During signup, they will offer you a $10 bonus. Use the cash backs to buy new clothes.

Survey Junkie

If you love to complete surveys, this is your option. When you complete a survey, they give you points. The number of locations depends on the size of the study concluded. You can then redeem the points into gift cards and use them in several stores. Also, you can transfer the cash to PayPal and use it at any store you want. Also, refer friends and earn $10.

2. Referral programs from Clothe Sites

If you have a clothing store that you love, start alluding customers and stand a chance to make substantial referral earnings. At some stores, you earn when the customer signs up. Some of the best sites here include


If you have fancy clothes that you don’t wear, pack them, and send the package to ThredUp. They’ll assess the value, and give you credit that you can use to get free clothes. You can also earn $10 for referring a friend. They offer high-quality clothes which you get for free.

Rue La La Rue La La

The site offers even 70% cashback for their brands. It accommodates women, men, and children. Signup for free, and stand a chance to enjoy gifts. You can also refer a friend and earn up to $10.

3. Clothing Swaps

If you keep up with the trend, clothe swaps is among the trending issues today. You can join any clothing swap sites, or use Facebook. You can also do this with friends back at home. Among the excellent examples of a clothing swap sites include;


With Rehash, you list all the clothing you need to swap and give specifications of what you are looking out for trade. You can also opt for anything, and take the users suggestions. No joining cost incurred.

4. Check Craigslist and Other SitesCraigslist and similar sites have a free section where you can see what people are offering for free. There are plenty of free baby and kids’ clothes, women, as well as men, wear. Note that, the clothes provided for free in these sites are of high quality. These are clothes that you can take and sell them at a cost and use the cash to buy what you wanted.

These are the four legit ways to get free clothes online in 2019. Additional means include;

  • Taking advantage of clearance racks where you can get good discounts to save you lots of cash.
  • Buying smart with interchangeable pieces of clothes
  • Making purchases when it’s out of season. During this time, the prices are low with huge discounts that save you a lot of cash.


Now that you have the list on the legit way of getting free clothes online, making a decision becomes simple. Choose a way that works for you today and get free clothes today. The above discussion is proof that you don’t have to be rich to wear fashionable clothes.


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