9 Best Places To Get Cheap Haircuts (Near Me)

We all have to agree that haircut takes a huge percentage of our salary. While there are places you can get cheap haircuts, some salons impose high charges on their customers because they want to cover their rent.

And the truth is that many people cannot afford to pay for those expensive charges, and that is why we have decided to write this piece and advise people on how they can save money by getting their haircut in cheap places. For many things, paying higher would mean getting better quality; however, when it comes to hair cut that is not the case.

Below are the nine places to get a cheap haircut near you.

1. Barbershops

While barber shops are created specifically for men, there are others which are also meant for men and women. If you are a woman with short hair, then a barber shop can be a good place for you to find cheap haircut. If you have a family barber, he can as well be a trusted and cheap option for getting your haircut. If you compare it to the full-service beauty salons, barber shops offer their haircut services at a lower price.

2. Cosmetology schools

If there is a Cosmetology school near your place of residence, then you are lucky. This is another place where you can get your hair cut at a discounted price. Beauty schools normally have their salons open for the public so that students can get the maximum number of hair cuts for their graduation. Going to one of these salons can be of great help to your pocket, you will be able to be paired with a specific student and get your hair cut in a proper way under the watch of their supervisor.

3. Mom and pop shops

This is a discount haircut franchise that can be a perfect place to find cheap haircut. If you are looking to save money while doing haircut, it is advisable that you go for the local salons which are not after marketing themselves. You can as well look at your coupon and see if there are any salons providing deals at the moment. Check out Groupon or Living Social.

4. Discount Haircut Franchises

If you want to save money while cutting your hair, it is advisable that you stay away from the luxurious full service beauty salons, this is because they are not pocket-friendly, therefore, you should use salon locator to get the in and out salons.

Some popular hair salons you might try:

5. Work from home stylists

Several stylists would prefer to work from home because with this; they will be able to arrange their own schedule and fees. Since they do not have to pay for rent, many are the times when their prices will be lower.

6. Salons looking for new hair models

When salons are looking for new hair dressers, the only way they can prove they are capable of is by letting them do a haircut. So that is why you will find hair salons giving free haircuts to volunteers to test the skills of the new hairdressers.

7. Charity partners as well as events

While many people lose their hair due to cancer, there are many ways that are normally used by charity organizations to make sure that these patients are not left out. One of these ways is by donating wigs, and these wigs are made from donated hair, therefore, if you find such charity events, choosing to donate your hair will be of great help, and this will also be essential to you because you will have saved on the haircut cost.

8. Your own home

If you can have your wife or husband cut your hair for you, then you are lucky. This is a perfect way to save money for a hair cut, so long as you have the required equipment for a hair cut and the required skills.

9. Chain salon

Chain salons are great places to find cheap haircuts. However, before deciding on a particular chain salon, it is advisable that you first look if you can get a coupon.


There are several ways you can save money on your hair cut. However, all these depend on your flexibility and your willingness to go out of your comfort zone. If you decide to visit new places to get new and inspiring haircuts, then you will be able to get a perfect hair cut at an affordable price.


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